Comply Or Die

by Comply Or Die

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released February 19, 2009



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Comply Or Die Ireland

Noise Rock From Belfast

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Track Name: Red Fever
Now we're Starting
All Rise
No Sirens
No Skies

Swarms Of Ashes
Cut My Eyes
No Dawn
We Die

They Scratch My Lungs
They Burn My Eyes
They Flay My Skin Off
Track Name: Like A Snake
Slither on
Like a snake
crawl through dust, crawl through bone
venom tooth, venom tooth

kick sand in the eyes, pour salt in the wound, kick sand in the eyes, the smile, the venoms gonna get ya

Shedding skin
Like A Snake
Food for worms, or food for rats
poison tooth, poisoned truth
Track Name: Negative Two
hey!you!spending too much time alone.
Track Name: Stop When The Blood Starts
screaming, so loud,
screaming, so loud, that I want it all

hold on tight
getting faster now
the end is near in sight
im leaving you behind
Track Name: Love Under Will
your my own, thats why im in love with you
taste your skin, when im lying next to you
teeth bite down,blood splashes round my gums
your my own

your my own
your my own
your my own
kill it off
Track Name: Seventh Circle
i met you in the woods
saved me from myself
descended underground
the horror, the horror

i witnessed the dispair
the ferry man on the shore
two pennys on my eyes
i will, i will

donned my robe of black
followed every step
the circle hears the screams
the restless, the restless

crossed the river of souls
unconscious in my dream
lucifer awaits
blackened soul

no rest for the damned
the screams i can hear
a quest for the truth

there is no reprise
no saviour my own soul
dark laughter in thier eyes
the inferno, the inferno
Track Name: Unit

Set In Stone
Born In Dust
Not About Me

Walls Collide
Angels Merge
Not About Me

Crawl Tired
Tore Away
Dig In

Slow Machine
Endless Toil
Underground, Burning Oil

There's Nothing Down Here.....
Track Name: Baptism Of Fire
im alone my hearts arrest on overload
hold my breath count back from ten its fear i know
fires alight its triple threat but im alive
i see you you see me its clear in night

cast me out
in the fire
baptise me
turn me on
fan the flame

baptism of fire
Track Name: Silence As The Enemy
i want out
i want out
i want out

take one, save me

it's not my choice
not your starting over
not your charm
your four-leaf clover
pull it through
run for cover
it's not my fault
i'm not the other